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Zach Wilson Connects With Invisible Man 21 times

East Rutherford, NJ- Although there are a great many negative signs from last week's game, there was one positive on the New York Jets offense. The newfound chemistry between the Invisible Man and Rookie Quarterback Zach Wilson. Wilson credited Mr. Man with providing a reliable option for the Jets while Mr. Man said that Wilson is one of the most talented quarterbacks he's ever worked with. Considering the long line of quarterbacks he's worked with in nearly 40 years of NFL football that's large praise. The Invisible Man first was signed to the Greenbay Packers and formed a longstanding relationship with Brett Favre, but his resume since then is even more prestigious. He's worked with Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Jamarcus Russell, Nathan Peterman, Jameis Winston, Ryan Leaf, and had brief stints with Tom Brady. "Zach has this really unique ability to put the ball exactly where I am. No matter the route I ran, where on the field it is, or what play was called he delivers. Even when there are other people far more wide-open than myself, Zach always manages to feed me the ball. It's the kind of talent I've seen a lot in my career but not this finely concentrated", concluded the invisible man. At press time, the invisible man had been traded to the Jaguars.



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