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Secret Cabal of Refs Worried Joey Bosa Is On To Them

New York, NY-The secret cabal of refs which runs the NFL and has assured that your team personally continues to get screwed time and time again express worry Monday Night after Joey Bosa made a series of revealing comments following a penalty. "We think he may have bugged our locker room", said the leader of the cabal as well as their many blood rituals, referee Jack Smith. "I mean Bosa knew exactly what we said, word for word. As soon as we penalized Bosa, I said "got that asshole". Refs later disputed Bosa's recreation of their laugh, stating that the Ref's laugh was more similar to "Dr. Doom", or "A Bond Villan". "It's a good thing they don't hear what we say during Bucs games", said one ref, while another expressed worry Bosa's comments could prevent them from further rigging NFL games. "I have a wife and children. How am I supposed to take care of them If I can't gamble on games that I then rig? More conversations were leaked from the referees including one calling Goodell a "total loser", as well as verbal promises to penalize Aaron Rodgers as much as possible because he is "annoying as fuck". At press time Refs promised fans the post season would be exiting and full of as many bad calls as it takes for them to hit their parlay.



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