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Quarterback Prospect Anthony Richardson Seen Fighting A Gator Ahead Of 2023 Draft

Sarasota, FL-A few weeks ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft, top quarterback prospect Anthony Richardson looks to be doing anything he can to place himself in front of the heavy quarterback pack. Earlier this morning, Richardson was seen by locals in Sarasota, FL, fighting a gator in the Myakka River.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by a man named Ernie Caufield, who heard the noise from a bench about 100 feet away at about 6:30 am.

“I just heard all this grunting, all this splashing, didn’t know what to think of it,” says Caufield. “Next thing I see is a grown man slapping a gator's tail and trying to give it a head noogie half underwater.”

Based on the decent-quality video, the gator appeared to be about 11 feet long and weigh at least 200 pounds.

“It was asking for it,” says Richardson when asked by local media. “It hit me with a pretty mean stare, I’d had a long night the night before. I wasn’t having it. I dished it back though. Nor it or its family will ever cross my path again.”

The video has already made its way across the internet and impressed the eyes of some NFL General Managers with early picks in the draft.

“I mean if that doesn’t scream QB1 what does?” says Scott Fitterer, the GM of the Carolina Panthers “Believe me, I know Star QB when I see one. This guy’s got it.”

Because of this, Richardson’s name, which was already popular in terms of the draft, has skyrocketed even more in terms of publicity. Draft analyst Mel Kiper cited the video as proof of his “big arm and athletic ability”. The young quarterback has taken the fame with a unique lens, however.

“With me being a Florida Gator in all, it’s kind of cool to pay homage to your roots,” says Richardson. “This is for all you Gator fans out there, may god bless you with another mediocre football season next year.”



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