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Joe Mixon Slams Ja Morant For Irresponsible Gun Video

Cincinnati, OH- After Ja Morant was dismissed from the Memphis Grizzlies for two games for posting a video of himself holding a gun at a Denver club, Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon had some words of honesty for the up and coming athlete in an interview with TMZ sports.

“You gotta use your head,” Mixon said. “Or your fists. You got to understand how big of a platform you have and how many people depend on you. There are cameras everywhere nowadays, your every move is under surveillance. What’s so hard to understand about that? Encouraging violence is never the way. Especially if has financial consequences and is on video."

He also reposted the video of Morant on Instagram with the caption, “way to represent athletes the right way,” with the emoji of the hand over a face depicting disappointment.

“It’s just the epitome of imprudent comportment,” Mixon said. “Indubitably, I presume he should extenuate on behalf of the entire Grizzlies consortium.”

Mixon also ended the interview by offering himself as a resource for any person or athlete whose stresses have caused them to turn to violence. He mentioned that even if he may not be able to place himself in the shoes of a violent athlete, he can always listen and offer support and “may know a guy who could help with that situation if you know what I mean”. Good on you, Joe.

At press time Tyreek Hill had shared similar thoughts on the situation, saying "Any real man knows you should never promote Gun violence." Tyreek hill concluded his thoughts on the matter saying "Hand to hand violence on the other hand is way more badass especially when taken against women and children".



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