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Warren Buffet On Ndamukong Suh's Friendship: You Try Saying No To 6'3, 300 Pound Violent D-Lineman

Below, Warren Buffet attempts to spell help in blinking Morse Code

Omaha, NE-When asked about his longstanding friendship with NFL player Ndamukong Suh as well as their mutual investments Warren Buffet attributed the strength of the friendship to the threat of what would happen if he ended it. "We've remained friends for so long purely because when someone like Suh asks if you can do something you don't say no. People who say no to Suh don't last very long in this world. Do you think I'm friends with Suh because he knows shit about investing? Does he look like he knows anything about investing? Our friendship started on a similarly threatening note. I went to a Dolphins game and had the chance to speak to the team after the game. When I finished he came up to me and asked if we could get together sometime to discuss his ideas for the future..... I looked into his eyes, and more importantly his veiny arms, 245-pound frame, and 6 ft tall body, and knew for my own safety I couldn't say no. He's stomped, punched, and blasted his way through life... I'm 91. One punch or blast and I'm no longer on this earth. We've remained friends ever since. One time I texted him I couldn't make it to our meeting. He sent back a clip of him stomping on Aaron Rodgers... Now I show up early to our meetings. Among his peers he is seen as a sociopath......... knowing who his peers are.. that is a scary thought". When asked if he had plans for the future with Suh, Warren stated the only chance he has a future at all is if he has plans with Suh. At press time, a reporter asked Suh about the comments made by Buffet, to which Suh succinctly retorted by kicking him in the groin.



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