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Vikings Acquire Chris Herndon To Add Disappointing Player To Complete Disappointing Roster

Below The Vikings preform the disappointment shuffle where they fail to dance and fall over.

Minneapolis, MN-Vikings announced Monday they had acquired Tight End Chris Herndon completing their assembly of the most disappointing roster in the NFL. Herndon will have huge expectations to disappoint and will have plenty of opportunities to do so with the departing of long-time disappointer Kyle Rudolph, and the injury of key disappointer Irv Smith Jr. "No team disappoints expectations more than the Vikings" said NFL analyst Stephan A Smith. "It makes perfect sense for them to trade for a tight end who equally hopes to disappoint". The team has collectively disappointed in sparse playoff runs in 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2017 as well as missing the playoffs despite being in a division with the Bears and Lions. Some of the other key dissapointers that have kept fans disappointed since 1976, include Kirk Cousins, Brett Favre Mike Zimmerman, and of course owner Zygi Wilf.



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