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Urban Meyer frustrated by NFL limitations that he actually be a good coach

Jacksonvile, FL-Urban Meyer, longtime college coach, and now NFL coach for the Jaguars has admitted there have been a few bumps along the road. One of the demands of the NFL that has been hard for Meyer is that he may have to be a good coach to succeed. "While at Florida, and Ohio State I could rely on the name to get recruits, and then the recruits to get more talent, and the talent to produce wins and championships, the system in the NFL is totally different. Here, I can't rely on any of that to supplement my lack of coaching skills. Instead I'm forced to totally rely on my raw coaching skills, which are nonexistent, and the Florida income tax to recruit and succeed in the league". At presstime Urban Meyer was seen demanding where the multitude of Gatorade he was used to In Florida, and Ohio was.



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