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Upset Washington Commanders Fans Storm Stadium, Attempt To Overthrow Snyder

Washington, DC- Upset with the team's failure to make their voices heard, a group of radicalized Washington commander fans stormed the team's stadium on Wednesday night, in an attempted overthrowal of Daniel Snyder. The nearly two dozen fans were reportedly armed with footballs and worst of all, Redskins memorabilia. Though the group was arrested within the hour, the damage was already done. One such fan detailed his reasoning for the storming. "We as both Americans and Commanders fans can not sit idly by while our team is destroyed by a gutless cowardly man. "Another radicalized fan claimed he did it because he feared the Commanders were "losing their identity". " We used to be a proud Redskins team", said the Fan. "Then we were the Washington Football Team. Now we're the commanders? Not in my America. " Another said any ownership that puts Carson Wentz in office as the starting QB deserves to be overthrown. When asked for a response to the events, Daniel Snyder simply hissed and reverted into his lizard person form. Though no one was seriously injured by the event, Carson Wentz somehow sustained a season-ending injury. At press time, reports had confirmed that Jack Del Rio was the inside man for the group.

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