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Darrelle Revis, Martin, Namath All Joining Jets For 2023 Season

New York, NY- It’s been a fun offseason for the New York Jets, one that’s seen them get four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers along with some of his closest friends, Randall Cobb, and Allen Lazard. It seems like a time of rejoicing in East Rutherford, and just this morning, Darrelle Revis announced that he’s going to come out of retirement to play corner for the Jets once again.

“I’m just stoked man,” says Revis in an interview with TMZ. “I just saw these guys on paper and thought to myself that all they needed was a CB1 to achieve greatness. In steps me. Revis Island is coming back to New York baby, pack your bags.”

Revis joins other former Jets, Curtis Martin and Joe Namath, as reportedly coming back to play for the team in 2023.

Martin last played in 2005 after earning three bowls and rushing for six 1000-yard seasons out of seven for the Jets. His physical therapist, Don Schulman, reported the news to local media despite his doubts.

“I wouldn’t clear him in a million years, he’s gained 85 pounds since he’s retired and he still wants to play running back,” says Schulman. “Put down the yearbook and pick up an apple.”

While Namath also reportedly wants back in, sources couldn’t confirm his mental capacity while stating his official comeback. Nurses at his retirement home in Brooklyn, NY, said Namath, the 79-year-old, hadn’t slept in over two days and was off pain medication for his knee.

All signs of Namath’s Facebook hint at a return, however. The all-time quarterback posted a photo of a terribly done airbrushed picture with Rodgers in a Jets uniform with the caption, “Two can play in this game.” He then posted just a caption hours later reading, “I don’t play to back-up.”

Head coach Robert Saleh should have his hands full with all sorts of personalities and talents both young and new come regular season time. Good luck coach, we hadn’t even brought up Zach Wilson yet.

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