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UCLA To Host Bowl Game At Sea World

San Diego, CA-Having canceled their latest bowl game due to a COVID outbreak amongst the team, despite the fact that they visited Sea World during the same period of time, UCLA has announced they will host the game with one catch: That it be hosted at SeaWorld. "What would be more entertaining then watching the premier college football teams duke it out at "The Home Of The Sea", said Head Coach Chip Kelly. "Quite frankly, I need the confidence boast, and the screaming of the Orca's is far louder and more effective then any UCLA Fans", Said starting quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson. North Carolina State University fans would be allowed to throw food at players similar to how guests of Sea World throw food at the Animals. Concessions featured at the games included raw meat, and various other kinds of fish such as salmon, and mackerels, but they could only be bought in sizes of 130 and 260 lbs. No mascots would be present at the event. Instead the tortured Orcas would preform as the mascot, being forced to jump in the air after every score, as well as entertain for the halftime show. At press time, the Arizona bowl was rescheduled but only the grounds that it be played at Six Flags.



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