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Troy Aikman: I Have Held A Bottle While Someone Else Peed In It

Below, the pink eye Troy Aikman mysteriously contracted this weekend

LA, CA-After Joe Bucks' brave and controversial statement that he once pissed into a bottle while on air, Troy Aikman has come out with a brave statement of his own. "I once held a bottle for someone else while they peed in it. In fact, I and this unnamed person consider it a Sunday ritual and we make sure to rotate piss giver and receiver. Now, I don't wanna name names. But his first name starts with a J and his last name is an animal. He also has worked with me in some capacity before. And that is all I'll say on that. He also hosts FOX sports. But that's all I'll say" At press time, the emotionally upset and pink-eyed Aikman had dubbed this unnamed person "Deepthroat".



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