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Trevor Lawrence To Be Cryogenically Frozen, Unfrozen When Jaguars Have Good Team

Jacksonvile, FL-Trevor Lawrence, the lone star of the Jaguars, has requested he be frozen in a cryogenic chamber and awakened when the Jaguars have built a competent football team. "I see no reason to waste my talents on the 2021 Jaguars when the 2039 Jaguars have Ladarius Manning, two time Heisman winner at Wide Receiver, O.J Simpson Jr. At Running Back, 2 time MVP, and 3x Not Guilty verdicts, and AJ, BJ, and CJ Watt all shoring up the defensive team. I have no doubt a team this strong with myself as part of a quarterback committee including Ben Roethlisberger Jr, as well as Archie Manning II can take it all the way to the championship Brady Bowl", said Lawrence. Lawrence also announced he would be allowing one player to join him from the 2021 Jaguars. Although many expected it to be James Robinson, it was actually Travis Etienne. At press time Trevor Lawrence was informed it would be a lot longer than 2039 when the Jaguars were next relevant.



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