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Tom Brady Reignites Debate Amongst Self Over Which Is Better: Super-Hot Wife Or 6 Super Bowl Rings?

Tampa Bay, FL-Sitting in his 24.7 million dollar home in Tampa where he earns 56 million dollars a year, Tom Brady began to reignite an age-old debate amongst himself. "Which do I like more? Having sex with my super hot model wife or winning football? One on hand my wife is in the top 10 gorgeous women on earth... on the other hand, the Super Bowl is a prestigious achievement few have achieved . Ever since I was a kid I wanted two things........ to have a hot wife who I can have sex with every night, and to be able to play football for a living... both are completed, but which is better? The Super Bowl brings me a level of accomplishment. However, my wife brings me otherworldly pleasures of the flesh I have never experienced before and produced children that will carry on my genetic dynasty. Of course, my 6 Super Bowl trophies don't complain about climate change and fuel-efficient football. They don't complain about missing my kid's football practice because I was too busy at my real practice," said Brady. At press time, Gisele announced she would be solving the dilemma for both of them.



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