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Tom Brady Not Worried About Antonio Brown Running Off Field, Says He Has Brown Microchipped

Tampa Bay, FL-With Antonio Brown running off the field during a buccaneers game, many assumed friend, and teammate Tom Brady would be worried about the diva wide receivers' whereabouts. In the interview, Tom revealed he had chipped Antonio brown. "Trust me, with his past, and his attitude, I made sure to chip him as soon as I adopted him here in Tampa", Said, Brady. "You think this is the first time he's done something like this? He does it all the time in practice. He did it with the Raiders. And he did it with the Steelers. Imagine the heartbreak that could have been avoided by those teams with a simple GPS monitor. All I have to do is track the chip through my phone, and once I've found him convince him to come back to the team". Brady then addresses questions centering around the morality of chipping another human being. "To those concerned that I've chipped him as If he's some sort of science experiment: He's a mentally ill 5'11 athletic wide receiver who is somehow one of the greatest to ever do it-he's already a science experiment". At press time, Brady refused to comment on the possibility of whether or not he may have chipped Rob Gronkowski.



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