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Teddy Bridgewater Tears ACL Walking From Hospital Following Concussion

Denver, CO--Having just recovered from a brutal concussion, Teddy Bridgewater, all-time IR QB great, and current Denver Bronco tore his ACL walking out of the hospital. "At this point it's no longer bad luck", said Bridgewater. "God clearly has a vendetta against me. Oh well, I guess I'll be missing some Broncos games....What a shame.....", Said Bridgewater as he drank a Mai Tai in his hospital bedroom. Vic Fangio announced he would nonetheless start the concussed, torn ACL Bridgewater over Drew Lock. At press time, it was announced Bridgewater-who's suffered 7 concussions, three ACL tears, and several amputations had spent so many hours within hospitals he was qualified to be a nurse.



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