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Shooting Victims Decline Lions Offer For Tickets, "We've Already Been Through One Traumatic Event"

Detroit, MI-After the Detroit Lions game Sunday, they dedicated a game ball to and offered free tickets for victims of a recent shooting. The victims have declined the offer in a recent press conference. "While we appreciate the thought that went into this, we have already been through one traumatic event, and have no plans to go to another. There was nothing more horrible than watching my friends, and classmates have their lives put in danger. But the one thing that could come close to it, would be watching Jared Goff attempt to play football. The shooter weaponized the AR-15 to take out as many people as possible-not unlike the destructive capabilities of any team's offense when they play Lion's defense. Watching my classmates, and friends run was an athletic display the Detroit Lions will never come close to again. Watching the school and police drop the ball on protecting us from violence was enough- I don't need to see Josh Reynolds drop the ball too. If say the Packers were to offer us tickets, or a game ball, we may be more inclined. But we did not survive a school shooting just so we could get gifts from the worst NFL team of all time. Worst case scenario, We'd settle for the Titans". At press time, the victims of a Florida shooting were seen asking if it was too late to trade Jaguars' tickets in for cash.

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