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Ray Ray McCloud Seen Returning Punt On Beaches Of Normandy

San Francisco, CA-Footage released Wednesday showed Ray Ray McCloud, noted brave kick returner , appearing to return kicks on none other then the beaches of Normandy. Despite the presence of nearly 300 enemies soldiers, a slew of bullets and the chaos of the battlefield, McCloud appeared to successfully return the football behind enemy lines. This was not the only footage unearthed, with foot showing punts being returned during the bay of pigs, the bombing of Hiroshima, the 1989 SF earthquake, the 2011 Japan Tsunami, and even Haiti. When asked, McCloud ascribed his brave returns as the result of a heart of steel and a hollow brain, along with an insane amount of PEDs, to which he also attributed looking 22, despite being well over 100 years old. At press time Ray Ray announced plans to return punts on the Ukraine-Russia border in order to warm up for the 49er next playoff game.



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