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Sean McVay's New Playbook Devoid Of Any Actual Football Plays

LA, CA- Sean McVay, the genius offensive mastermind behind the LA Rams, as well as behind about 90% of the most popular madden plays, recently had his 2021 playbook leaked to the public. Although the playbook featured flea flickers, fake punts, soccer plays, and pitching strategies, it failed to consist of anything football related. "The new football is not football at all. Its soccer. It's baseball. It's Calvin-ball". McVay's playbook called for fake punts on third downs, centers running the ball, and a quintuple flea flicker. "The second you draw up an football play is the second you've become outdated and irrelevant in thus league", Said McVay. "The future of football is anything but football". At press time, Fellow offensive minded genius Matt Lafleur had announced all audibles would be in Spanish.



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