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Scientists Unable To Locate Single Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Following Brady's Retirement

Tampa Bay, FL-Following reports that Buccaneers fans were now considered an Endangered species, Scientists announced after hours of research, twitter polls, and examining internet PFPs, that there is not a single Tampa Bay Bucs fan in existence. "We've scoured long and far and been unable to find a single fan. Even the team's Owner Edward Glazer denied rumors that he was a fan of the Bucs. It appears that with the loss of Brady, the Bucs also lost all 10 million fans, making them the second extinct NFL fanbase, behind that of the Jacksonville Jaguars. On an related note we also noted an unusual rise in the amount of New England Patriots fans, who nearly doubled over the last 24 hours." At press time it was announced the only thing that could possibly revitalize the Buc's fanbase was Blaine Gabbert, widely recognized as the greatest quarterback of all time.



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