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Saul Goodman To Represent Deshaun Watson

Citing a lengthy list of "totally innocent" clients, Saul Goodman defended himself as the perfect choice for Browns star QB Deshaun Watson's lawyer. " What we have here, is none other then a man being harassed by the so called forces of justice", said Mr. Goodman. "I also call into question the opposing council, who is a well noted Steelers fan. And I'm not saying I have dirt on Goodell but it would certainly go down better for the Commissioner and his wife if Watson were to be suspended no games". Mr. Goodman continued on his rant for nearly 2 hours, breaking the previously held record by Johnnie Cochran. "Mr. Watson has done nothing wrong, and these 23 lying women are clearly a coordinated effort by an hack lawyer, probably the works of HH&M. There's nothing illegal about getting the old rug and tug after a massage. I thought this was America!", concluded Goodman. At press time, Saul had confirmed this was his 6th such time defending an NFL player having already contributed to OJs team, as well as direct representation of Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, Ben Roethlisberger, Ray Rice, and Kareem Hunt.

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