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Sam Darnold Sees Ghosts Of Former Carolina Panther Quarterbacks

Charlette, NC- After throwing his second interception of the game, Panthers Quarterback Sam Darnold began to see ghosts on the field. But rather than the average, spooky, scary ghosts one typically sees when they play poorly like Darnold did last year as Jet, these ghosts appeared to resemble the Panther's former quarterbacks.. First was Kerry Collins. "Leave now.... this place has a great evil underneath all the glitter. It doesn't matter what they promise you..... you must leave now before you too are consumed by the Panthers....... I threw double the amount of picks as touchdowns I had..... and they still kept me! Being a Panther turned me into an alcoholic. 1 year after I left, I made it to a Super Bowl......". After Collins concluded his harrowing message, Jake Delhomme's ghost appeared with a forewarning of his own. "As soon as I got paid money, I was benched in week 1..we lost the Super Bowl so hard I ran into the field and pretended I was a Patriot.........They tell you to stop throwing interceptions...... that you're the sole reason you lose.... it isn't..... leave now while you're young... this place feeds on quarterbacks who suck, join the Panthers and play well, and then immediately suck again". Steve Beuerlein even made an appearance." I had the greatest panthers NFL season ever.... and within 3 years I was retired". At press time, Darnold appeared to see Cam Newton's ghost, but it ended up being the actual Cam Newton coming to advertise his credentials as QB1 for the 2021 Panthers.



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