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Ron Rivera To Struggling Daron Payne: Just Pretend Your Opponent Is Your Teammate

Washington, DC-With 4th year Washington Football Team veteran Daron Payne struggling at the line, Head Coach Ron Rivera offered him advice on how to get his mind back into the game. "Picture someone you really hate instead of your opponent.. Like the guy you've known and played with for the last 6 years", said Rivera. "The guy who was at your wedding as the best man. You know, the guy who went to the same college as you. If that doesn't help try picturing other teammates, your brothers in arms who you've played with for the last 4 years, the people who bleed blood, tears, and sweat for you every Sunday, who's wives, children, and families have become an integral part of your life". Since taking the advice to picture his opponents as his teammates, Payne has record 4 sacks, a forced fumble, and an interception in just one game. At press time, Rivera had provided similar advice to defensive tackle Johnathan Allen.



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