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Richard Sherman's lack of door-busting skills shows how far the one great cornerback has fallen

Sherman seen eyeing down his opponent, the door, before charging it.

By NFL Scout Thurgood Thunder

Remond, WA-Video released on Friday of Sherman's altercation with his wife and In-laws shows a lot. But while you may be paying attention to what the event shows about his personal life and character I can't help but think a rookie Richard Sherman would have busted that door down, and beat the shit of his family. Sherman slams the door with his full body force over twenty times and yet the door remains upright. A young Sherman would have destroyed that door. Furthermore, after entering the premises Sherman was easily dispatched by his father-in-law using pepper spray. The Sherman I know and love... No, the Sherman we know and love would have easily fought through the pepper spray to deliver a violent punch. When police were called Sherman attempted to resist, but was quickly dealt with. Prime Sherman would have been able to get a few punches in there, and escape. It's a sad day in NFL history but perhaps there is no better sign of hanging up the cleats than a failure to successfully fight your wife, family, and the police in a drunken stupor.

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