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RG3 To Release Book Entitled "Surviving My Ego"

Washington, DC-Former Quarterback Robert Griffin III is writing a book entitled "Surviving My Ego" talking about one player's brave experience with attempting to survive in the NFL despite a gigantic, humongous ego the size of a tumor. "Personally, this is something that affected me greatly. It almost ruined my career with my control of the coaching staff I was unusually granted. It almost destroyed my marriage when my ego forced me to cheat on my wife. And who could forget my ego's choice to go on the field with a serious injury because I wanted to win a playoff game in my rookie season? Perhaps, most damaging of all and indictive of my ego is the fact that I signed with Cleveland, somehow believing anything positive would come out of that. The fact that my ego has yet to leave me as a destitute former NFL player people see and say "Remember that guy?" Is it a testament to my survival skills despite my self-sabotaging nature. Now I'm the kind of guy you hear on the radio and say "ah that's where he went". And to the players like Dwyane Haskins, Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold, and Josh Rosen, If you buy my book you too can achieve this". At press time, Robert Griffin III had announced his new book "Surviving Washington-Unless They Sign Me In Which Case I Had A Great Time" would be released next year.



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