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Report: No One In NFL Actually Understands How Cap Works

New York, NY-Reports show NFL Gms, Coaches, and Players everywhere and their fundamental misunderstanding of the NFL cap has led to the recent rise in large flashy contracts. "We just kind of offer contracts that sound good in our head", said L. A Rams general manager Les Snead. "We have no idea how the cap works, but we've been doing this for years and so far with no issue. I called Bobby Wagner up a couple of weeks ago and said how about 5 years 50 million, half of it guaranteed? He said sure and the rest was history. "You think we know how Cap works?" said Andrew Berry, GM Of the Browns. "There is no way you could see our contract with Deshaun Watson and think we know how the cap works." "I'll be honest, said Bills GM Brandon Beane. "I base all my cap projections by stimulating them in Madden. Just last week I signed Von Miller in madden to a 6 year 120 million dollar deal. And low and behold he agreed to it in real life! As we all know Madden is a perfect simulative recreation of NFL football, so I'm sure this won't backfire on me at all". Rodger Goodell commented that his understanding of the NFL Cap was at "an all-time high" and any team that overspends whatever the limit is nowadays better "watch out". At press time, it was reported the only team that knew how the cap worked was the Packers explaining why they had yet to sign or trade for wide receivers.



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