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Report: NFL Player Just Tweeted Some Cryptic Bullshit

Reports Indicate multiple NFL players tweeted unintelligent mumbo jumbo yesterday, and despite the messages being unreadable it was nonetheless interpreted and analyzed over 27 times. The tweet in questions ranged from "I love this city; "God is good", "Thank You" and the use of random emojis as well as accented letters. The various tweets were able to fuel NFL news for the next 2 weeks as well as cause the cardiac arrest of several thousand fans. "What he means by I love this city is that he loved the city-as in past tense-as in he hates the city, and wants out" said cryptic tweet expert Adam Schefter. "The fire emoji clearly represent his burning passion-for hating the team that is", said fellow cryptic translator Stephan A Smith. At press time it was reported thousands of cryptic tweets had hit the printing press and thousands more were on the way.

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