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Report: Mitch Trubisky Real Scrappy, Blue Collar Guy

Buffalo, NY-General Manager of the Bills Brandon Beane spoke highly of Mitch Trubisky as he prepares to enter free agency in his latest press conference. "He's a real blue collar scrappy guy", said Beane. "The kind of guy you'd let your daughter date. first person in and last person out, real gym rat, hard worker, the kind of guy you'd let marry your daughter, loves the game, deceptively fast, plays the game the right way, a great route runner, high motor, lunch pail type of guy, student of the game, does all the little things right, a guy who may not be the fastest or the strongest but gets the tough yards over the middle, the kind of guy you'd let have unprotected sex with your daughter, a real coaches son, high football IQ, gritty , a true winner, has a lot of heart, good fundamentals, the kind of guy you'd let raise a family with your daughter, and of course, a real class act". After concluding his speech it was reported nearly every head coach and GM of the other 31 teams had dropped their panties. At press time, Bill Belichick had announced he would be replacing Mac Jones with Tribusky.

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