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Report: 7th Round Draft Pick Who Planned To "Make The NFL Pay" Just Got Cut

Jacksonville, FL-Despite promising that the rest of the NFL would regret not picking him, 7th round draft Pick Duke Harris was cut from the Jaguars on Monday. The 7th round pick had claimed that he would "bring upon a reckoning of hell" after falling nearly 4 rounds in the draft. Despite these claims of grandeur, Harris was cut during training camp and was unable to even make it to the preseason. Harris's attitude marks a growing trend in the NFL.

According to Pew Research, 96% of all late round NFL draft picks who promise to make the "NFL pay" never do. Experts said the prominence of Tom Brady has given heed to the theory that their are hidden gems in later rounds, when in reality there's hidden coal. "Tom Brady's success has a established a whole new era of ego for latter round draft picks. ", said one NFL psychoanalyst. Harris himself made similar statements in interviews claiming he was "the next Tom Brady due to a similar draft position. Not only was he cut during training camp, but it occurred on the second day with coaches noting his poor performance stemmed from the same issues which prevented from going higher: That he sucks. The 5'2, 125 pounding running back vowed this would not be the end of his career, saying "Now, the real journey begins.". At press time every team called to let him know they weren't interested as each team had already drafted their own 7th round draft pick who is convinced he's a starter.



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