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Referee Union Lists Not Having To Explain Overtime As One Of Their Demands

New York, NY-The NFL Referee Union and the NFL are attempting to find a new agreeable deal for both sides in order to prevent a lockdown. The NFL referees have outlined a series of demands in order to prevent such an event from occurring, with their No.1 request being they no longer want to explain overtime rules. "Most people can grasp the concept of overtime simply by watching", said the referee representative. "But if they can't the announcers can explain it. And if they don't, we've explained it for the last two seasons. And if they still don't get it just by following the game, maybe Football isn't the sport for them. Perhaps a less complex, more mindless sport such as baseball would be better. At this point, the only people failing to grasp overtime are the disabled, and Antonio Brown", said the representative for the Union. Among the other demands Refs had, were home and away uniforms and official recognition as members of the Pittsburgh Steelers.



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