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Randy Moss On Joe Buck's Admission He Peed In A Bottle On Air: "That Is A Disgusting Act"

Charlotte, NC-After news broke that Joe Buck was once forced to pee in a bottle during a broadcast after he was unable to take a break, Hall Of Famer Randy Moss has weighed in. "That is a disgusting act by Joe Buck. And it's unfortunate that we had that admission on our air live. What Joe Buck did is the kind of thing you don't do unless you're stuck on an island. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being celebrating by fake mooning the audience after a touchdown, I would say this particular disgusting act rates a 10. I hope that we retire these articles.... we need to stop giving Joe Buck the attention he so clearly craves". At press time, Joe Buck had also confessed to throwing the bottle at a ref.

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