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Patriots Just Relieved To Be Center Of Cheating Story That Has Nothing To Do With Football

Foxborough, MA -After Steph Curry's Father Dell Curry alleged his ex-wife had an affair with a former patriots player, the Patriots once again found themselves the center of attention. Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick expressed relief at Monday night's press conference after he found out the cheating controversy had to do with relationships. "Wow. I sure am glad that had to do with a former player, because for a second there I thought you guys had figured it out... I mean I thought you guys were retreading old stories... After all the years of stories behind cheating, it's nice to just once be caught up in a story of emotional manipulation, betrayal, and divorce, as opposed to regular betrayal and manipulation. Plus there are no suspensions, fines, or other punishments, other than Steph Curry's development of serious motherly issues". At press time, Brady expressed his own relief over not being connected to the headline " Ex-Patriots Player Cheats On Wife".



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