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Padres, Brewers Blatantly Steal Pirates Uniforms

Pittsburgh, PA-Reports circulating Monday that the Padres and Brewers stole the Pirates uniforms were addressed by the teams, media, and commissioner this week. "Normally we would prevent this kind of copyright violation. But the uniform colors are so cool and to use them on the Pirates is such a waste". Said Commissioner Rob Manfred. Pirates player and third baseman Ke'Bryan Hayes gave his thoughts on the situation. "Last week when we played the Padres, I ran into the wrong dugout thinking it was the Pirates". When asked about the uniform situation, Padres pitcher Blake Snell responded " Wait. I'm not on the Pirates?". At press time, Rob Manfred was considering allowing other teams to move into Pittsburgh given what a "waste" it would be for the city to have the pirates as their only MLB team.

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