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Odell Beckham's Son Refuses To Leave Womb, Seeks Restructured Contract

La, CA-Having been offered a measly lifetime contract for all of his parent's combined net worth, Odell Beckham's son announced Tuesday, he would refuse to leave the womb unless offered something substantial. "The type of genetic material I possess is something that doesn't come easy", said the 8-month-old who conducted the interview from inside the womb. "It's once in a lifetime. And I deserve to be paid once in lifetime money. Stock options certainly wouldn't hurt either." Odell Beckham offered his thoughts on the negotiating process as well. "He hasn't even come out of the womb. How do I know he's worth the money? Now I get what John Mara was talking about....." At press time, Odell Bekcham Jr's agent announced he would be representing the infant.



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