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NY Giants Announce Free Medium Sodas To Any Incoming Free Agents

East Rutherford, NJ-Owner/King/Leader of the free world John Mara once again acted righteously and benevolently when he expanded his free soda offer from season ticket holders, to include incoming free agents as well. "There are many appealing parts about the New York Giants. Chief among them is our soda. Players come knowing the amount of soda we have on hand,", said Mara as he drank from what appeared to be a coke and rum, a fan favorite of anyone forced to watch the New York Giants. "We hope that our new soda program will allow us to bring top talent once again to New York, where we can successfully squander it". At press time Mara announced that large free sodas were off limits for free agents, and solely available for himself, David Gettleman and Joe Judge.

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