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"Now, What Does It Take To Become The Starter?" Says Gardner Minshew Holding Nick Sirianni Hostage

Philadelphia, PA-Having previously inquired what It would take to get the starting job for the Eagles at quarterback, Gardner Minshew knew his next attempt would need some gravitas. That's why on Tuesday, he showed up with a Glock-17. "What does it take to become the starter now? said Minshew holding the gun to Head Coach Nick Sirianni's forehead. When Sirianni continued to stay silent, Minshew spoke again. "If you don't give me an answer, you won't know what the deactivation code is for the explosive I have strapped to your wife's chest". Sirianni remained silent, leading Minshew to go after man's best friend. "If you don't answer the question you won't get the antidote for the poison I put in your dog's food". With Sirianni still not speaking, Minshew had no choice but to unleash his final weapon. "If you don't make me the starter....... Hurts dies at midnight. Right now, I have a sniper trained to shoot without hearing from me in the next 10 minutes. I suggest you think fast". At press time, the deep dark soulless stare of Sirianni had reportedly convinced Minshew to drop his gun and walk back into the locker room.



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