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NFL To Require Pillows To Be Placed Below QB As They Are Sacked

New York, NY-Citing new measures to help protect quarterback health and ruin any reputation of a fair football game, the NFL announced Tuesday it would be further expanding its rules regarding personal fouls and roughing the passer. "While we had previously regarded a roughing the passer call as when a defensive lineman comes into contact with a quarterback we have further changed our definition", said lead official Mike Pereira wearing a Tom Brady jersey. "From here forth, should the QB somehow be disrupted from throwing the ball and worse, tackled to the ground, all defensive linemen are therefore required to place a pillow so that the quarterback may best brace himself from injury." The move was seen as controversial by fans who claim the NFL is taking the side of the quarterback in the NFL which also happens to be the position which generates the most profit, a shocking move by the mega-millionaire corporation to continue making money. At press time the NFL cited this rule as one of the ways they are hoping to curve CTE, saying Tua's severe head injuries would never have occurred with this rule in place.



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