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NFL To Introduce Work Release Program Where Players Can Play For Jaguars, Reduce Suspension

Jacksonville, FL-Following the suspension of Deshaun Watson for 10,000 years, the NFL announced it would be introducing a new work release program designed to help criminals, otherwise known as NFL players, to be reintroduced into NFL Society. "While society at large already has such programs, we believe that playing for the Jaguars is a much more important release program. The amount of good one could do for the team, it's players, owners, fans, and most importantly, my paycheck is incredible and far more valuable then some kind of volunteering at a sexual abuse program", said Commissioner Rodger Goodell. "There is no need for NFL Players to learn their lesson, when they can simply recontribute to the NFL." So far, The Jaguars had boasted an impressive roster thanks to the program, with Henry Ruggs, Deshaun Watson, and Alvin Kamara heading the once talent less team. At press time Goodell had announced the program had been expanded to two other teams: New York Giants, and New York Jets.



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