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NFL Thanksgiving Games So Bad Man May Actually Talk To In-laws

Milwaukee, WI-Citing a horrible series of thanksgiving games, Ryan Michaels said contact with in-laws may be less limited this year. "Normally I'd be able to avoid any contact with my wife's family thanks to a shared love of NFL football and avoiding uncomfortable topics, something which also helped my wife turn into a mature, realized individual. But this year as much as I hate learning about her father's latest car project, or how when he was a kid he didn't have any technology and had to walk to school in -12 degrees, it may just be better than watching the Lions Bears game. Normally when it came time for her Mom to start talking about their family recipes, I'd be able to tune it out to our afternoon game. But with the Cowboys playing the Raiders, I may suddenly reignite a culinary interest. And who could forget her Grandmother's rants about "those people"? That honestly might be more entertaining than a Saints-Bills game". At press time, Michaels was disappointed to learn the Christmas NFL games included Browns Vs, Jaguars, which could result in a repeat of events, allowing himself to commit the male mortal sin of getting to know your in-laws.

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