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NFL Teams Just Grateful Patriots Let Them Have One Year

Foxborough, MA-After the Patriots continued success this year, The NFL's other 31 teams have gotten together for a press conference to publicly thank the organization and head coach Bill Belichick for allowing them one season without their dominant presence last year. "Giving us one year in a world without the successful Super Bowl-bound Patriots, was the greatest gift of all," said Jets owner Woody Johnson. "It was nice to watch the Jets only get crushed by 30 points, as opposed to the normal 60", Johnson concluded. "Without Belichick as my main competitor, I was able to finally prove all my haters wrong, and go to another Super Bowl. Just kidding, I lost to a team missing a head coach", said Mike Tomlin. Tomlin's speech received clapper from Harbaugh, Vrabel, Mcvay, and Shanahan all of who had emphasized how easy a Super Bowl would be without Bill. "What Belichick did was courageous and reduced the amount of paperwork we have to do by 50%", said Commissioner Roger Goodell. "Turn's out when you're unsuccessful I don't have to constantly investigate you for loose cheating allegations". Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady chimed in as well. "For one entire year, Bill allowed me to silence the haters, who said my success came from solely being a product of the system. For that, I am grateful". The NFL Fan representative at the conference also spoke. "For just one season we were able to imagine a balanced AFC east. An AFC with different teams appearing in the Super Bowl. A world where my cousin Jamie who's never stepped foot in Boston won't bandwagon himself onto a team. A world where Boston drunks shut the fuck up about the Patriots. Unfortunately, that world was a dream. But for one year it sure was a nice dream".



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