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NFL Suspends Calvin Ridley For Using FanDuel To Gamble When He Could Have Used Draft Kings

The NFL announced it would be suspending Calvin Ridley for the 2022 NFL season after it was revealed he gambled using Fanduel. "To gamble on the NFL as an NFL athlete is unacceptable...... to use an inferior app to do so is even worse", said Commissioner Rodger Goodell. "We here at the NFL only gamble on games using top of the line gambling apps, such as Draft Kings", said Goodell, who has being handed 500$ dollars during the press conference from a Draft Kings representative. "This punishment was harsh, because I need to send a very clear message to the players... DO NOT GAMBLE..... With Fanduel." At press time, Goodell was even more worried that players had been using ESPN Fantasy rather then league sponsor Yahoo Fantasy.



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