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NFL says Fuck It, Plans To Sandwich Entire Post Season Into One Weekend

New York, NY-After announcing this last week that the postseason would be radically changed by adding an extra game, and shortening already quick times in between games, The NFL announced Monday more new changes would be coming. "We've decided that in order to not only maximize competition but also profit the best way would be to have all 16 post-season games, wildcard, divisional, conference, and even the Super Bowl in one day", said Commissioner Roger Goodell. Those who argue against this new schedule cite concerns over "Exhaustion", and a "lack of stamina" due to teams having to play multiple times in the same day, as well as the Super Bowl participants having to play up to 4. When asked for comment the players union simply sighed before quoting the Kaepernick Manifesto. At press time, the MLB announced they would follow suit, and compound their postseason into a 43-header.

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