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NFL Player Streaks Through NFL Fans House While Drunk, "See How He Likes It"

Pittsburgh, PA- After a naked fan ran into Heinz field last week, Steelers player Dionte Johnson got his revenge Monday night as he tracked down the individual's house and began to streak through it. Dionte described his experience as "something that has been coming for a long time". "I think that we as players need to stand up to the fans, and say enough is enough. If you're going to come to my home and streak me then you should be prepared for me to do the same". The resident of the house, and now former streaker James Bradley described the experience as terrifying. "I open the door to see Dionte Johnson standing there staring at me. All of a sudden he starts undressing, whips down a white claw he had, and starts running through my house. I felt I should call the cops, but I also know how much my franchise owes him, and decided that if he wanted to streak through the house he could do so. Hell, I said if he keeps putting up those stat lines, he's more than welcome to have sex with my wife". Johnson is amongst a growing number of NFL players who streak streakers, a trend that starter in 2000 when Randy Moss mooned and streaked a fan's house. The players union has fought for the right to streak, although generally unsuccessful. At press time, it was announced no one would ever be streaking the Raiders stadium.

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