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NFL Forgets To Remove Draft Kings Logo From Press Release Regarding Calvin Ridley

The NFL, widely regarded for their perfect standing within the community, and never having made a mistake, accidently left the Draft Kings logo on their latest press release regarding the denouncement of Calvin Ridley's gambling. Although the NFL generally includes the logo in its press release in order to better promote the product, many considered the NFL's placing to be insensitive to the issues at hand. "Gambling is never acceptable", said Commissioner Rodger Goodell. "Unless it's done in one of the 35 states it's legalized, the person who places the bet is above 18, and is not a current NFL player. Then It's perfectly acceptable, and more so profitable. "At press time Goodell warned players of doing the same, and was thankful to find out Adrian Peterson had only committed domestic violence, and not bet on football games.



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