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NFL Bias Called Into Question After New Schedule Show Bucs playing Jets 17 Weeks In A Row

New York, NY- The NFL's bias has recently been called into question over the idea that the 2022 NFL schedule give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers an unfair advantage through its easy opponents. The Bucs will face the New York Jets 17 times this season, each time playing in their home stadium of Raymond James. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to the allegations saying, "We would never unfairly balance the NFL, certainly not for financial reasons," while winking throughout the press conference. Tom Brady gave a statement as well. "As we all know the NFL has never tipped things in my favor except for that one time against the Raiders, the one time against the Jaguars, and that one time against the Colts. But besides that you can rest assured knowing that the NFL does not favor me whatsoever". At press time it was revealed the Detroit Lions also faced an unfair disadvantage this year as they are scheduled to play other teams for the next 17 weeks.



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