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NFL Admits They Forgot To Schedule Lions Games This Season

Detroit, Michigan-Having received criticism for the Lions being scheduled to play no primetime games this year, the NFL shamefully admitted they had forgotten to schedule the Lions at all. "Normally we remember the Lions purely because of Matthew Stafford..........", said an NFL representative responsible for helping put together the NFL schedule. "Without Stafford, I kind of assumed the Lions would stop existing."

Course, I know the Lions. They play in that state next to Ohio right?, said another NFL schedule consultant.

ESPN commentator Stephan A Smith criticized the move. "How the hell am I gonna watch my Detroit Lions?", said Stephan A, who had claimed to be a fan of at least 32 teams. "And to all those who say they don't have star power what about Jared Goff? Khalif Raymond? And who could forget their all-star defense led by none other than Alex Anzalone?"

At press time, Rodger Goodell publicly wondered if he had forgotten something else following a missed call from Shad Khan.



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