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Najee Harris Reveals Claim That He Slept On Floors In College Was False, "I Never Slept At All"

Pittsburgh, PA-During the broadcast of the Steelers Bears games, the announcer told a false story about Najee Harris's college background. The announcers claimed he slept on the floor, rather than on a bed because he was so used to sleeping at homeless shelters in a similar fashion. Najee has revealed that this claim was in fact false. "I never slept on floors in college. Hell, I never slept in beds in college. I never slept at all. During my years of poverty, I learned sleep was nothing but a weakness, and after watching those in my environment abuse it, I vowed never to touch it again. I instead used that time to play football and study for school. Do you seriously think I could graduate and play football on a normal sleeping schedule? Why do you think people keep reporting I stay at Heinz Field late and come to practice early? I never left". At press time, Harris revealed the food that managed to allow his body to sustain itself despite the lack of sleep was Primanti Brothers sandwiches and Heinz Ketchup packets.



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