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Molly From ESPN To Moderate 2024 Presidential Debate

LA, CA-CNN announced Tuesday, that for the 2024 presidential debates, no other than Molly Qerim, from Stephen A, And Max Kellerman's hourly show First Take would be moderating. "No woman has had to place herself in between two obnoxiously loud, incredibly passionate men more often than Molly. Nor has any woman handled it with more grace. If she can somehow stomach Stephen A, Max Kellerman, as well as Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless when she subs, I have no doubt she can handle whatever crass and obnoxious presidential candidates the American people send her way", said the CNN representative. At press time, Molly was alerted she would not be escaping her ESPN hell, as Stephen A, Max Kellerman, Shannon Sharpe, And Skip Bayless would all be running for president in 2024. Trump and Biden meanwhile would be hosting first take.



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