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Mike Tomlin To Start Ben Roethlisberger's Rotting Corpse Over Rudolph

Pittsburgh, PA-Although Mike Tomlin refused to commit to Ben Verbally for the 2039 Season, Tomlin announced he would be starting Ben Rothlesberger's rotting corpse over Mason Rudolph, as well as their new first-round draft pick. "I think both Mason, and our new first-round draft pick can learn a lot from Ben. At some point, Ben will be gone, but when that point is if it exists on this plane of reality is unknown. The core basics of football-such as the screen passes, dump-offs to the running backs, and of course slants, are something only the greats can achieve, and as a result, I'd like our younger quarterbacks to watch Ben before talking over. Ben's mobility and composure in the pocket-something only enhanced by his state of death is also fully on display for the youth to absorb", concluded Tomlin, who was heading into his 50th straight winning season with no Super Bowl appearances or playoff wins. Many Steelers players seemed to have an issue with the decision, with Smith-Schuster and Claypool doing interpretative TikTok dances to symbolize their feelings, while an anonymous O-lineman told us the smell bothered him. At press time, Bradshow's corpse once again criticized Mike Tomlin for his handling of Future Hall Of Famer Ben Rothlesberger's corpse's career.



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