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Miami Dolphins To Be Released From Captivity After Latest Win

Miami,FL-After an Underdog win that no one was expecting against the Ravens, Dolphin's owner Stephen Ross announced he would free his latest roster from captivity. "They've done nothing but work hard, and play hard. I told the current roster at the beginning of the season that they would be forced to live at hard rock stadium, with an electrified fence, tranquilizer guns and security guards until they proved to me they could fend for themselves in the wild. Today, the Dolphins did just that. Except for Tua Tagovailoa. He has to stay in the basement". Mike Gesicki also gave his thoughts on the win and announcement. "Although I'm happy for the win I'm just glad to be able to see my wife and kids again for the first time in 6 months". At press time, the Jaguars announced it was going to be a long long time until their players get anywhere near being released from captivity.



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