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Matt Lafleur Stumped On How To Get Rid Of This Aaron Rodgers Guy

Greenbay, WI- Efforts by Head Coach Matt Lafleur to get rid of "This Aaron Rodgers guy" have proved ineffective according to Lafleur. "He's ruining my vibe... doesn't he get that I don't him around? " Said Lafleur. "When I first came here to Greenbay, he showed up out of nowhere, and now won't leave me alone. He's too clingy! Every practice he comes up to me and says what should I do now coach? I'll tell you what you should do Aaron, you should leave me alone! Every game he asks me what play should he call. I tried getting rid of him by drafting Jordan Love in the first round, and he still played through it all. I went for a field goal in the playoffs and put the ball In Brady's hands. And he still won't leave! I traded Davante and now he signs a contract extension!". At press time Lafleur had called up Donald Driver, and Greg Jennings asking if they wanted to rejoin the team in an effort to further alienate Aaron Rodgers.



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